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  1. Size of phone charging slot?

    Wireless induction charging is always slower than wired charging given the same power output.
  2. Which Taycan trim level are you planning to buy?

    In the US Porsche launched the Macan Turbo and Macan S first followed a year later by the GTS and then the base model a year after that.
  3. Electric Macan Coming For Next Generation

    As a current Macan S owner, I find this very intriguing as well. At least I know there will be an option if the Cross Turismo pricing gets out of my comfort zone.
  4. Porsche drops first production Taycan images in official camo!

    I think you guys are missing the "sneak peek" all together. The only sneak peek here is in the first image. It's the tiny part of the white car you see between the gap in the doors. It appears to be in the paint inspection room.
  5. Which Taycan trim level are you planning to buy?

    If Porsche follows their formula for the last few new car launches it will be an S and Turbo out the door first (they want to capture the $$ of the most excited) followed by a base and about two years later a GTS. If I can stand it, I'll wait for a GTS. If I can't wait I'll have to configure an...
  6. Most detailed Taycan spy pics yet, with first look at carbon ceramic brakes

    There’s clearly still a bit of camouflage going on with the headlights and taillights, but with these high resolution pictures it’s much easier to get an idea of the final design. I’ll be very interested to see if they stay with the separate hood (frunk) design or if they go back to the one...
  7. Sneak Peek of Taycan Front End from Prototype Department

    If Porsche holds true to the concept then the Taycan is going to have a full clamshell hood like the Macan, not the little insert hood as shown in these prototype pics.
  8. Here's what the Taycan Targa and Sport Turismo versions could look like!

    The OP makes it sound like he thinks the Sport Turismo will be built instead of the Cross Turismo. However, I thought that the Porsche BOD was reported to have green-lighted production of the Cross Turismo specifically. I think we'll end up with both given how hot the CUV segment is.
  9. 2020 Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Wagon Spied! [And Confirmed by Porsche]

    Love it too, but I'm still leaning towards Cross Turismo. We'll have to see how each looks in the flesh and what the real differences are. They seem so similar that I wonder if they'll both make it into production. There's a whole lot of plastic or sheet metal riveted on that thing as camouflage!
  10. Porsche Says 2020 Taycan Price to Land Between Cayenne and Panamera

    I expect, in typical Porsche fashion, that the starting price will be one thing (probably about $75k) but the options list will be extensive and will increase the price rapidly. I think the ultimate price will probably mirror that of the Tesla Model S - 75k-150k.